Rotary Actuator

Electrical motorized and pneumatic rotary actuators offer the ideal solution for a range of applications as an actuator in the food industry, pharmaceutical technology and general system construction.
Valves can be installed via a mechanical interface for gas and liquid media, so that the most diverse requirements can be met. PSK offers you a wide range of solutions for your jobs.

Technical data - at a glance

Operating voltage 24 VDC/230V AC
Nominal current 10 - 500 mA
Power consumption 2,3 - 48 W
Nominal operation type Intermittent operation 50% ED
Torque 1,2 - 40 Nm
Actuating time 90º 3 - 30 sec
Type of protection IP 54 / IP 65 / IP 67
Drive design End switch/potentiometer -> classic ON/OFF valve
Controller card 0-10V or 4-20mA -> control valve
Drive material PBT or PA plastic, as well as V4A
Ambient temperature -20 bis +60 °C

Typ 1209 (20-40 Nm) Typ 1202 (9 Nm) Typ 1201 (1,2 Nm)

Accessories for rotary actuator

Flap valve
Ball valve 2-part
VA or brass
3-part ball valve VA Plastic ball valve