Linear Control Valves

For a range of fields of application we offer two different linear drives, which can be combined freely with a range of different valves, such as needle valves, membrane valves and a range of straight-seated valves in different nominal diameters.
By using these, you will be ideally equipped with reliable control systems for high temperatures (up to 60ºC) and pressures (up to 300 bar), as well as for contaminated media and the most precise dosage quantities.

Technical data - at a glance

Operating voltage 24 VDC
Nominal current max. 2,4 A (469N) und 4,2 A (1000N)
Travel 6 mm, 12 mm und 20 mm
Actuating power 469 N / 1000 N
Actuating speed adjustable by stepper motor control (max. 2 mm/sec)
Electrical connection M12x1 panel connector, 8-pole
Control Standardized signal 4-20 mA or 0-10V
Type of protection IP 67
Mounting position optional, preferably with the drive on top
Nominal operation type Intermittent operation 50% ED
Automatic adjustment automatic adjustment in case of mechanical wear
or due to thermal size changes over time
Material of the drive housing Stainless steel V4A (316/316L)
Valves Angle seat, straight seat, needle or membrane valves
Ambient temperature -20°C bis +60°C
Optional on request - Automatic resetting - for 469 N battery pack LiFePo - 3x3.6 V batteries (ambient temp. max. +30°C)
- 230V AC power supply unit, 4A, IP67
- Cable M12x1, 8 pole in a range of lengths
- Control box for classic open/close valve operation with optical end-position indicators
1000N 469N


SPS control Manual control

available fittings

Needle valve Membrane valve Straight seat valve Angle seat valve