Electric rotary actuator 40 Nm - control mode - or On/Off type 1209 / 2109

The basic unit, the electric rotary actuator type 1209, can be extended by the modular design with many options and is then referred to as type 2109.

The rotary actuator has been designed for 24 V DC and has a continuous torque of 40 Nm. The materials used guarantee maintenance-free operations and ensure low thermal stressing.

Due to the integrated stepper motor control and its software, individual user settings are possible at any time.
The drive operates with the control mode. Controls of 0-10 V and 4-20 mA can be selected. The classic ON/OFF function can also be chosen.

The rotary actuator type 2109 can be used for various applications with neutral and aggressive media.
Optionally, rotary valves such as 2/2 or 3/2 way ball valves as well discs can be powered up to G3”. read more

Plastic Cylinder with FDA Approval

A pneumatic cylinder, which has also been approved for use in the food industry, has now been developed as an addition to the standard range.

These cylinders should take into account the ever-increasing hygiene and approval regulations in the food and health industry and offer users the opportunity meet the corresponding requirements.


• Food technology
• The pharmaceuticals industry
• etc.


FDA - U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Approval for Food
EU Directive 2002/72/EC
Regulation on the use of polymers for contact with foodstuffs

In addition, at request we can offer you approvals in the field of drinking water for the inside of the cylinder.

These certificates cover: KTW; WRAS; DVGW; NSF61 and ACS.

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